If tomorrow the the main stream media/CNN/MSNBC/Hollywood started supporting Trump extensively, would democrats change their minds?

Black owned business ownership up. Minority employment up. Unemployment is lowering. Small businesses up. Economy booming. GDP crackin'. Market up. Manufacturing up. U.S. large oil producer now. Trade deals renegotiated. ISIS almost defeated. N. Korea 2nd summit of disarmament. Tackling high pill prices. Stronger military. Border addressed finally.


I don't support all of Trump's policies or actions but the Democrat Party has changed a lot in the last 25 years, so they would find alternatives to get the ration of insults to the enemy they hate. If you are thinking the media shapes mass thinking that's correct but a liberal mind cannot be converted simply by a laicist media, they need religious teachings in order to love life and family again.


That is never going to happen, consistently demonizing a politician in the press then suddenly immortalizing them. Oh Wait...............John McCain.


Sadly, half would. Remember, Chuck Schumer gushed "he likes us!" earlier in this presidency.

Pink Diamond.

Democrats don't believe that the media should support or oppose any President, but the report the facts. What part are you missing?


my dear child, That would be called State Media, all the dictatorships in the world have that. We only have one - Fox News good luck stay in school !


No. Also remember that Trump actually talks and posts things on Twitter. His policies are bad.


That would indicate we needed their approval or acceptance. I stand on my own two feet, evidence, facts or being data driven is all I ever knew. Main stream media is a marketing phrase. America has a long historical record of journalism, laws and regulation of the media and are on a tight leash to tell the truth. Fox cannot be sued for journalistic honesty as the court ruling stated since they are an entertainment Co. So laws that will hurt a Media Co.for a lack of honesty or Fox that can't get hurt for a lack of honesty and you believe the one without accountability? Really???

Forrest Smock

Nah, the issue is Trumps positions and policies.