Is it true that liberal media outlets like CNN aren't fake news?

because CNN said it's not... derrrrrp

Atheist Dude

Theya re bais towards the Democrats.


Exactly liberals only listen to what the msm says

W.T. Door

CNN is fake news.


they are fake and liars also, no need for media to report false stories to we american's


CNN is a lie factory. Of course they’re fake news.


They reported the Stone arrest and end of the shutdown, all fake news it never happened

Philip H

That is Their "truth".


they are fake and liars also, no need for media to report false stories to we american's


They lie no more then any other news outlet They all occasionally tell fake news CNN less then any other major news station


There seems to be a method to their lies, I"ve been watching news for over 40 years, the news I watched when I was 10 years old was very different, there was no political favoring on the surface, the only manipulation of your mind was from Commercials on TV hypnotizing you on which breakfast cereal to buy, people have become so liberal in their ways that it has become an automatic reflex of the mind and we happen to be in a generation where these kids are now young adults, my sister is a liberal, but she exhibited liberal thinking as a child, she is a wonderful sister but, she is very one dimensional in her views, and she supports lies if it means getting what she wants, It's a form of mental illness, some conservatives can have this issue, people are becoming over polarized over something that means absolutely nothing at the end of the day.....People need to turn off the TV, the news will never be agents of truth ever, neither will politicians, that is the world we live in....everything is fake.


It's true, that's an overrated MYTH from the right popularized by KIng IDIOT.


If Americans don't like American news, why don't they watch foreign news channels that don't have a dog in the fight?


Criticizing mainstream media is what presidents do when they are trying to cover up their wrong-doing. See Nixon's criticism of the news during Watergate before he had to resign because of his wrong-doing.

Dr. D

I know some reporters with CNN. They tell me that when they are given an assignment the assignment will come with instructions on how they news is supposed to spin. Reporters with CNN are not supposed to be objective, they have an agenda.

Jerry S

they are fair. they are not fake news.