Journalism became subjective but was it objective and should it be objective?

im 19 and starting to notise that news papers and networks on TV never take the news as they are and share them ; they always include some words to describe it ; as humans i know it's immpossible to be so objective but at least they should try ; we all know the power of language and how it can creats reality therefor it's a weapen that shouldn't be in the wrong hands . isn't that a lack in professionalism at work ? i am not american and im speaking in general universaly


It has always been subjective. The only way to get some objectivity is to gather news from a variety of sources to cancel out the bias.


The quality broadsheets used to be objective and offered balanced analysis to cover all bases. tabloids are out and out liars.


its job is to report the news unbiased, instead it mostly creates it biased, it is not an assistant to the human race but a destructive force know as "FREE SPEECH" and was used to great effect by Joseph Goebbels the Nazi who sent an entire nation mad unelected dictators can spread their brand of dogma and do, they also fabricate as Goebbels did if you tell a lie long enough and hard enough it becomes the Truth if we do not learn from history we are doomed to repeat it


If journalism isn't objective then it isn't journalism, just entertainment. Nobody can be 100% objective because we all come with points of view but one can and should at least try (and we can come pretty close if we do). That's part of what journalism is, one has to know one's own bias and try to put it aside in order to be neutral with the information. Some people just don't want to do that (because perhaps there's more money to be made pushing a particular message and it feels better on the ego to be pushing one's own message) but like I said already, that isn't really journalism.

Gilgamesh King of Uruk

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Let me give you some objective journalism. "Just grab 'em by the pu$$ie" - Donald Trump "Look at what happened in Sweden, IN SWEDEN." - Donald Trump "Let's make America great again." - Donald Trump "We have to create more jobs." - Mitt Romney "Look, endemic misogyny and sexism is still a problem; it is not only blatant in many ways; it's also attitudinal and it suppresses a lot of opportunities and the potential of women, particularly young women." - Hillary Clinton So, who'd you vote for?