Why did the media make it look like the Indian was harassed by Catholic school kids yet the Indian was the one who provoked?



The irony is they saw the MAGA hats and assumed it must have been the youths who were racists. As the videos clearly show, it was black adults spewing nasty racial insults at the school children. Nathan Phillips was not mistreated by the students, in fact the children were dancing with him. He stepped in between the black racists and the Covington students as he stated, to separate them. What is most disturbing is the fact these were children being racially harassed. The Leftist media such as CNN called to identify the students in attempt to run their lives. Kathy Griffin even stated she wanted them killed. Make no mistake. These are very evil hateful people who were attacking innocent CHILDREN. There should be prison sentences for the hate speech and the calls for killing the students. Griffin belongs in prison or a psychiatric institution as she did for the beheaded Trump stunt. Eve Joy Behar, an antagonist of Trump and the MAGA slogan, stated something went seriously wrong. The media reported that Phillips was a combat veteran of Vietnam- something he never claimed- he only stated he served in "Vietnam times," which was true- he was stateside in the Marine Reserves from '72 to '76, as an electrician, though he possibly exaggerated to claim he was a Marine recon scout (perhaps he did go to Marine Corps Reconnaissance Training Company in AIT)


Media heap trouble and speak with forked tongue


If that kid had been wearing a Phillies cap, it wouldn't have ever been mentioned.


it meets their narrative


No. They need better guidance on when to pursue. The more gung-ho police officers are allowed to be, the more reckless they become.


They want everyone to hate white Catholics as much as they do.


The media is overwhelming LIBERAL. That's the way they always slant their stories. There is NO INDEPENDENT MEDIA.


The scary part is, now that we know that was not the case. They are still spinning it like it was.


The media is overwhelming LIBERAL. That's the way they always slant their stories. There is NO INDEPENDENT MEDIA.


People who skim the news aren't paying attention. The boy was on the Today show and the Indian has also spoken at length about what happened.


That is your reading of the situation based on videos you have seen, you were not a witness.

Country B4 Party

Keep crying about it. Your party is dying in this liberal country. Get used to it.