Why is it that when someone dies who happened to be a college student, the news article says "student dead" or something similar?

But if it was a person who worked at a low wage job or something, it would just say "man dead". Just today I read "student one of 20 dead in extreme temperatures". What made his life any more valuable than the others who died? Because they're students, they should get some kind of special recognition? So people not in college have no value or potential?


You are right. It's a crass attempt for media to unspokenly say that a life full of promise has been extinguished. Oh how unfair! Never mind the life of a maid, when maids are ten a penny and (apparently) aren't worth mourning.

Jimmy C

It is just to make the story more interesting. If they said low paid worker dead,or unemployed person dead, it would not sound that intriguing.


Man after student. Student can create the future. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collective_intelligence

Green Brick

Maybe it's because we believe that most Students are also children, regardless of their age? Or like you say there is more value to being a student, rather than working in low paid Service Industry, like so many of us do.


Worry about something more important.


I guess the implication is that 'student' suggests someone with a bright future unlike someone in a dead-end job.


America has so few intellectuals now every single loss is critical!


another way to say the deceased was not an adult children dying tugs emotional responses


Yes that's a good observation. I think they are not undervaluing menial or low wage labour. What they are extolling is education, there was a time when only a very small minority was educated or went to place of higher learning. The modern usage and mindset has carried in from that tradition.


You are being oversensitive. Often the report will say Workman dead or cyclist dead.


University students are the future. Their loss is more important due to the lost potential.