Why should we trust CNN fact checking Trump when they don't even fact check BuzzFeed?



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There was no way to fact check the Buzzfeed report. Here is the CNN report on the incident. https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2019/01/18/buzzfeed-report-trump-michael-cohen-moscow-trump-tower-murray-ctn-vpx.cnn Twice the reporter indicated doubt about the accuracy of the report by saying indicating the implication "if true" and the reporter indicated that CNN was unable to corroborate the report. It is also true that comment released by the special prosecutor did not say that there was no evidence that Trump told Cohen to lie. I will reserve judgment on the question until the final report is issued. I will not condemn CNN not fact checking something could not be fact checked.

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CNN repeatedly said that the BuzzFeed article "has not been independently verified," but it was news once the article was published. Something nobody seems to have thought of as BuzzFeed has doubled-down on the veracity of the sources and the content of the article: What if this is a Karl Rove or spin doctor Frank Luntz effort (or even a Russian MAFIA-linked effort) to make a provably false claim that sounds as if it is coming from those opposed to Trump, but in reality it is a strategic planted piece of false information from the Trump handlers or propaganda specialists as a way (they hope) to somehow undermine the end results of the Mueller investigation(s)? Giuliani plays the fool to "dazzle with bullshi*" as the old saying goes: "If you can't beat the opponents with facts or might, then dazzle them [and distract them] with bull-crap" (or words to this effect. But bear in mind that Rudy Giuliani used to be a Prosecutor in New York, as well as the Mayor, albeit a crooked Mayor caught dipping into the coffers to finance his extramarital mistress. One has to wonder if Giuliani, as a New Yorker and possible as someone also tied to organized crime and the Putin-planted Russian MAFIA oligarchs, if the former Mayer/Prosecutor Giuliani profited from the Magnitsky-uncovered corruption of PREVEZON Holding, a Russian-owned company helping to launder massive millions for high-level government officials close to Putin through "high-end real estate deals" in New York. Trump did with the BAYROCK GROUP Trump business partner Felix Sater, the Russian-born son of the Russian MAFIA crime boss operating here in the U.S.---the TRUMP SOHO project, profiting from the money-laundering through PREVEZON. Did Giuliani benefit too? Maybe that's why he is in such a PANIC in public forums.


CNN is not in charge of fact-checking BuzzFeed, and BuzzFeed is working on the story now.


CNN won't fact check anyone that agrees with liberal narrative OP


Cnn is a bankrupted pile of rubbish.


CNN is fake news and trash.

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Fact checking is all absurd anyway. Trump throws out a hyperbole and says illegal immigrants cost us $10K per year each and fact checkers say they only cost $5k per year. The point is that they are a net drain on our economy.