Which people are nicer, Brits or Canadians?


ꉂ Weedzz 彡

I'm neither so my vote must count. It's the Canadians.


British police are finding an increasing number of the areas they try to police are occupied by what can only be described as feral communities. On the surface , things look superficially fine -- scratch the surface and you'll be horrified by what's there.

Lord Bacon

Don't know but I am sure there are good and bad people everywhere. As a Brit, I have no problem with our Canadian cousins.


Brit's. Canadians are good travel mates.


Canadians, always. Brits are dreadful people. And before anyone starts tearing into me, I'm one too.


If you accidently bump a Canadian, he will look at you and say, I am sorry. So my vote is for the Canadians.


I think it comes down to individuals, not where they come from.




They are both nice, i think Canadians are nicer

David 420™



Canadian are like a nice version of americans

Adullah M

If Britain's were/are nice they would not running away from Brits to build their future in Canada and call themselves Canadians.


I'd say the Canadians are. They're an awfully noyse bunch of people, eh?


At the time of the American Civil War, Canada did not yet exist as a federated nation. Instead ... Between 33,000 and 55,000 men from British North America enlisted in the war, almost all of them fighting for Union forces. .... Anderson Ruffin Abbott was a Toronto-born son of free people of color who had fled Alabama after the ...

Jimmy C

Brits care more about other people. Canadians care about themselves.


Some from each country is nice while others are evil and hated.


I like Canadians ...but I have to say us Brit's..what else could I say ...



armouror is My Alias

I've found Canadians and Brits friendly


The Brits are definitely nicer.


Brits they are not stingy with complements


I've found Brits friendly and Canadians arrogant.


Neither, both are prone to bomb other nations for their own gain . Canadians are self righteous and full of themselves even though they're really as dog eat dog as the Americans. The British middle class are cold and often ruthless and the lowers of Britain are the scum of the earth.

Jack H

I like Canadians, never call them American though...


ethnic english brits, they are very welcoming and friendly canadians and americans are not known for their niceness



35th is Best

We Brits

Serve The Servants


Shawn Robin

Canadians really are nicer. Trust me on that, I'm the one & only Canadian alive who's not stereotypically polite and apologetic. (I just never outgrew throwing punches, real or text-based. Too many years of hockey brawling.) And I get nothing but grief for refusing to conform to the national norm.

Sir Prince Kenny

Speaking as a complete and total outsider, with no axe to grind and nothing to gain from this, except the truth and living nowhere near those precious, beautiful, sainted islands of Great Britain (excluding the Isle of Man of course) I can safely say, without fear of contradiction, that WE Brits, are the NICEST people in the world. THE TRUTH WILL OUT!