Which side do you think is more judgmental today, the left or the right?

A few decades ago, I think most would have said the right, I guess, but today, like with the Kevin Hart controversy in America, it seems that you can't say or do anything without being labeled as a homophobe or a racist.

Aizen 2028

Yes, the Left is way worse than the Right when making snap judgments.




The left will crucify you for disagreeing with them, they will even come to your home and attack your family.


The right have always been judgemental about the same things,the left are judgemental about anything that isn't left....and it changes on a whim.


Left is more intolerant today.


Definitely the Left; they complain about anything and everything.


The left


Usually it is the party that is in charge that are judged the most. I believe both sides are in the need of judgement, hence the checks and balance system.


The left, hands down. That's not to say that the right doesn't have its judgmental elements. It does. But for sheer knee-jerk "You're a racist/homophobe/misogynist/pick-the-denigration of-your-choice," not-even-considering any-other-explanation for words or actions--the left takes the cake.


The left. No contest.


The left is hypercritical and full of hot air. Nothing good will come from those people.


Whenever one of them are in power, they become tyrants over the other side. However, with Hollywood and the mainstream media on their side now I'd have to say that the most judgemental right now is the left. - Democrat


Definitely lefties, they seem to be over sensitive towards everything.

mike m

No contest, the left!!


The left has always been more judgmental, end of story.


Each side is judgemental in their own rights


Omg - the Fascist Left!


Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Bill Maher, Bernie Mac (rip) have been saying phatgot for years...why is it such a big deal now?


Kevin Hart's comments were objectively homophobic and transphobic. There is absolutely no argument to be had there. He literally said he'd beat his son over the head if they were gay or effeminate. I cannot take anyone seriously who pretends otherwise. People who say so are often far-right and support these kinds of comments but don't want to say so, so they pretend they have a softer position of saying the comments were not bigoted, when they obviously were. The argument serious people were having is whether or not he should still be criticized over those comments since they were several years old and he hasn't done anything like that since then. Digging up past comments can sometimes be unfair as people change over time.


Antifa is


i think the extreme far-left


I don't really care for either of them. In practice my dad being extremely conservative and having had liberal friends. It feels about the same. I am not happy in either group and don't feel free.


In politics, left.

Brendan Berney

The left and the right


every one seems to be judging other these days. Rob is right. they will crucify you if you don't agree with them..


This guy has wisdom for all those judgmental people who squabble over petty stuff or talk crap bout people that don't have their view. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFDldk9D_Qc


I've seen both sides be very judgmental. Depends on the issue too.

Orange Skies Lee

To be right or left is to invite that. I am a Catholic and not right or left , which is to serve two masters.


The environment


Righties are more likely to be Prot fundamentalists, Lefties are more likely to New Agers, counting on the Hundredth Monkey principle & similar nonsense.