Why is it that every crime show has a middle-aged white man kidnapping a teenage girl, but never a woman kidnapping a teenage boy?

Is it totally double standards much?


Most teenage boys who are kidnapped and raped are abused by men. Look up Dean Corll and John Wayne Gacy.



Sonny Sydup

Whereas teenage girls...or rather the ones who get caught; https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6639583/Britains-youngest-female-paedophile-jailed-seven-years.html


All sides of everyone should be shown.


It's not commonplace for the vast majority of women to kidnap children, but it happens once in a while, i guess. Go to a TV studio and pitch your idea for a script?


😄 Because it's not realistic or common. 1. Women are too impatient to keep hostages. Especially, if we're crazy af. 2. When women snap, we execute. Don't waste time pvssy footing unless women are stealing their own children during custody battles. Or stealing someone elses kids to raise.


Looks like you don't watch SVU, much.


You haven't watched many crime shows then. Also you have to realize that older men kidnapping teenage girls is much more common than women kidnapping a teenage boy which is why there are more about it on crime shows. But really you need to watch more crime shows because they're not all just older men kidnapping teenage girls


Because that DOESN'T HAPPEN in reality, you pervert moron.


Who controls Hollyweird and the entertainment industry? Who gets the jobs due to all the nepotism? Who is the one culture that is above ridicule?