Do you think keeping pet birds in cages is cruel?



Naw, they love it.


Why do some people think it s cruel to keep a bird in a cage. The cage helps protect them from predators and household hazards. Some think it is cruel to keep a dog or cat outside so we keep them in the house. A house is a giant cage to a dog. especially they spend most of the day looking out the window.


depends on the size of the cage and wether they are let out each day.


I have 3 Parrots and they were never locked in their cages. My 3rd bird which is a Blue Fronted Amazon got unruly at 12 years old and bonded to me finally. he wouldn't allow my Blue and Gold Macaw to be on my shoulder i the same room anymore after bonding. She would scream all day long and started to mess with things that she knows she shouldn't touch. I finally had to put her in the big cage I got for her when I bought her and ever since being caged she's quiet and looks forward to seeing me. It used to bother me to see her in the cage all the time but that's the way it goes sometime.

Oh boy

To keep their poo in the cadges. Unless you want bird poo all over your house?


Wild birds should of course be free of cages. So no wild caught birds, in cages other than to rehab. Pet birds, born in captivity should ideally be in hugh aviaries or only in cages for short periods and overnight for safety. Also ideally, only people with the time to care for pet born birds, should have them, meaning if this were true, there would be very few rescues for birds (and that's a good thing). But no one wants to be told they need to prove they are unfit to care for, let alone to provide stimulation for a bird, or any animal for that matter. But people being what they are, will always get animals and or sadly have children, that they are unable to properly afford or can even care for with their basic needs in mind, and this is long before factoring in catastrophic life changes, that might force having to give up a pet.


Yes the cage kills their freedom


I want all the animals to be free! i respect the cultures of the ancients, but do you know that to make some caged birds ''better sing'', bad people blind them intentionally?


Yes. They should be in the wild where they belong.

e. electrocute

I think it depends on the type of bird and the size of the cage, but generally yes. I don’t imagine birds like being in a cage very much.


yes, they should be free, and flying happily