Emergency!! My 10 days old cockatiel is dying! Vets please help!?

Since yesterday its crop has been full. He is not shitting at all just yellowish water came out. I put him in warm water and massaged his abdomen atria. Tiny dot came out but that was it. I’m not sure if he is constipated or the food won’t reach his stomach. He is becoming weak by the minute, sleeps all the time, but when I touch his beak he wants food. Please reply as soon as possible. He is making small cry sounds. It’s tearing my heart. I have always raised baby tiles but this case is a first. For whatever reason the camera button won’t work! So frustrating. Forget the typo I’m in a hurry Vets only kill them every time I take an animal to them. I’m in a country that has no knowledge on animals apparently. They will laugh if I take a baby bird to them. I don’t trust them. Cut your crap and give me a solution if you have one otherwise shut it

It's Ila

Contact your vet as soon as you can. Your vet can do a complete exam, blood work and all. If your vet is not in, take your bird to the emergency vet.


There are no veterinarians on this site waiting to answer your questions. They are in their offices waiting for you to call and make an appointment. Do that now.

Rick B

Go to a Vet now. Jeez!