I don’t know where to begin if I want to train my parrotlet?

I have a parrotlet and as soon as I open the door he starts panicking and he starts sqwaking moving around the cage, so i just take my hand out to no longer scare him. Its been like this for like 2 weeks so im kinda stuck as to how to show him that my hand isnt a threat.

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First of all you need to move slowly, be calm and kind and gentle and absolutely trustworthy. See how close you can get without him reacting (moving away, bobbing, crying) and stay just outside that zone being calm and trustworthy. Spend as much time doing this as you can. I suggest reading a book next to the cage. Very slowly and gradually over days and weeks and months you will be able to get closer and closer as he gets used to you. Start offering him special treats, look up what parrotlets find very special, only offer these super special treats with your fingers. Hold them close so he sees them but not so close that he moves away and let him come to you. Also, there is tons out there on the web, google and read, you’ll get way better information there than from a bunch of yahoos.


hold a treat in your hand, thats what he wants

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Tried hand-feeding him?


You put your fingers in the cage and leave them there for a period of time. Every several days you extend your fingers a little bit farther into the cage. He needs to get used to you.