If you had money, what kind of parrot would you buy and why?

Pick either of: 1. Cockatoo 2. African grey 3. Cockatiel 4. Macaw


2. African Grey - smartest bird


I would love to have a Macaw but one would out live me and would have to find someone who would take it when I died. They are a life long pet.


None, they are noisy and need a lot of attention and time. They will wake you up in the morning, at their own breakfast time, even if you want to sleep in. If you don't spend enough time with them, they will become stressed and get sick, or upset.

mR JiNgLeS

Norwegian Blue, beautiful plumage. They do tend to pine for the fiords though.


Hard decision between the Macaw and African Grey. I have a Blue and Gold Macaw, Severe Macaw, and Blue Fronted Amazon. The African Greys can say many words and noises but my Blue and Gold Macaw is smart and knows when she's a bad girl and says "Bad Girl"? and then comes over to snuggle my beard with the top of her head to make up. She also knows how to ask for things she wants and how to tell me goodnight and go to her cage. I;m not sure an African Grey can be that affectionate.


I have owned each of the birds you listed. Had and indoor aviary connected to and out door aviary (converted screened in porch). They all interacted with the entire family. We took in my uncle's cockatoo when he passed away back in 1980, the cockatoo was roughly 45 at the time. The cockatoo passed away in 2013, making the bird roughly 78, plus or minus a year or two, as my uncle only had info from the family he got him from, when they moved to Europe back in 1930, when he got the bird as to how old it was.


African Grey. They are THE best talkers and mimickers, they do NOT scream, and when hand raised, they typically have sweet personalities and don't throw tantrums or bite.


The birds you ask about are long lived and may out live you if they receive proper care and feeding. They also bond to their person and will grieve if parted or abandoned by rehoming or turned over to a parrot rescue. Buying any of those birds only contributes to more of them being abandoned and living in cages in warehouses with hundreds of other abandoned birds. If you insist, consider joining a parrot rescue group that will give you one of their abandoned birds.


Cockatiel. We have had them in the past, and have one now. He talks up a storm and rivals any African grey vocabulary wise. He's as smart as a whip!


If I had the money for the bird ans its cage and its food and its ladders and mirrors.. I would get the macaw.


A most emphatic NONE of them, or any bird


none . let them stay in the forest .


Cockatiel otherwise you are married to them


A Tweety Bird.

American Noodle

I'll buy one that could say " Israel Great ...... Americans bad "