My parakeet has a loss of appetite, is losing feathers, has green diahrrea, and “his” nare is turning brown.?

I’ve had him for a few months and he has always been energetic and ate a lot. He would never miss out on a chance to eat millet. In the past couple of weeks, however, he has slowly started rejecting his favorite millet, lost appetite, had greenish white diarrhea, and in the past couple of days, I’ve found a lot of his small feathers laying around. Also, his nare has always been light blue but now it’s turning brown. Need help!


It could be stress. How often are you taking him out? My grandparents owned a parrot and barley ever took it out, and it ended up loosing its appetite and plucking out its own feathers due to stress. Make sure you take your parakeet out often, allow a large cage and plenty of toys for stimulus. Another potential cause (explaining the loss of appetite and diahrrea) could be what you’re feeding it. Try changing its diet and see it that works. If not, I would definitely see a vet.