The birds at my house are ignoring my feeders, what can I do?



make sure your feeders are clean and positioned so they can dive for cover in a bush or tree they should also be high enough to avoid cats. i use sunflower hearts and while it was warm (for winter) i was getting less visitors this year as i guess there were still bugs and berry's for them to eat. now it's cold i get loads of them. in fact today i got some fat balls and put them in my local park for the ones with no access to feeders.


Wrap Christmas lights around them ?


Make sure your feeders clean, there's no mold or animal dirt on it, even if squirted get at it and leave urine the birds may not go near it if they have other cleaner sources. I will wash mine down with a light bleach solution, then scent free soap or dawn dish detergent and hot water, dry using a fan overnight do no waters held. I also make sure the seeds fresh and the right type, I also have a suit trauma nexypt to the feeder so they get enough energy. I used the wrong seed mix and didn't get any hits lady yesrm I added cracked corn, safflour seed and got all fresh seed this year and need to fill every other day. My feeders easy, the top slides aside and you pour the seed in.


Check to make sure there isn't mold in your feeder. Clean it out if necessary, and add fresh stuff. They like the black sunflower seeds best. I usually mix a bag of sunflower seeds and one of regular bird seed, half and half, before filling the feeder. Also it depends on which birds you are trying to feed. For cardinals, either on the ground or on a platform works better than a swinging, hanging feeder. But the sparrows are okay with both.


Let them starve.