Kitten sisters keep peeing everywhere. What do I do!?

I’m at my wits end here. I lost my cat of 5 years 6 months ago. She was the perfect pet in terms of how she behaved and was quick to learn what not to do. So when I adopted 2 new kitten sisters (I couldn’t live with myself if I broke them up) I thought I had it all figured out. Nope. They’re absolutely adorable and I love them endlessly, but THEY PEE EVERYWHERE. Slightly less, I might say however, than maybe 2 weeks ago, but they still pee in places they shouldn’t nonetheless. Plastic Bags, clothes on the floor, food bags, mid-floor once, on blanket while in lap, etc. I thought it might be that they didn’t like their new litter box so I changed it. I had given them a large top entry litterbox that required a lot of jump to get in and out of, so I thought it might’ve been that. So I changed their litter box to an open standard box. Everything was fine until I walked into my room last week and noticed the strongest stench of cat urine in my room. I lifted the litterbox and sure enough, there was pee EVERYWHERE. Even behind my dresser that it was next to. So I thought maybe I’ll buy a litter box with a top cause maybe they’re missing the litter box. That way any missed pee will stay within the dome. Nope. Came into my room today to find the same stench. Lifted the litterbox and found more urine. UNDER the box. How did that even happen? I’ve gotten them checked for a UTI and it wasn’t that. What do I do?

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Kittens are not reliably litter trained until 12-14 weeks. And the litter boxes (you will need two) need to be close by and accessible, as at their young age they need to go NOW and won't bother running all over the house to get to their boxes. For now, put a box in each of the rooms they go pee in now. In time you can move them - one at a time - to their permanent spot. If the box is covered, or filled with scented litter, that may be a cause as well. Many cats don't like them and won't use them. Another factor is cleanliness - by their standards not yours. The boxes need to be scooped twice daily, especially with two cats. And try that Dr. Elsey's cat attract litter - just about all pet stores have it. Get that and a second box, and see what happens. Pick up a gallon of an enzymatic cleaner designed for cat urine - like Nature's Miracle. Get the gallon as the trick is to use it generously. POUR some on each spot they have gone, saturating it so it seeps all the way down. Allow to dry for about 3 days and repeat. It may smell worse after the first treatment, but it will get better. Block places like the space between the wall and dresser - that is a real popular spot for them. They will grow out of it, but you need two boxes, in two spots in the house - uncovered.


Vet first to rule out a UTI or other medical issues, if clear then it is likely caused by anxiety issues, such as the litter box being located in the wrong place, like a busy area, next to an appliance that is noisy, in an area that the cats don't like to go or tucked into a corner where there is no escape from. A covered litter box may encourage them to use it, coud be you need more than one litter box and in places they spend more time, sometimes changing the type of litter you put in will work and of course keep the litter boxes clean. Then you need to close doors to stop them going into the bedrooms, pick up and put away piles of clothes, same with anything else that they are choosing to pee on. Change the meaning of the place your cat has turned into a "bathroom." So your cat urinates on your bed or sofa? Start playing with your cat on the bed or sofa and give out treats there....... and don't get frustrated as that will make them more anxious, it is not going to change over night so you will need to be patient as it will be at least a months concentrated retraining NOTHING is immediate as it is a behaviour change and in any change you need to offer an alternative option and then build that option as the one you want making the new changes their habit

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This is very unusual, cats are usually self training regarding litter boxes. But I have the fix for you, immediately order some Dr. Elsey’s Litter Box Attractant. It an herbal mixture you mix into their cat litter. This stuff is amazing and I helped not only my cat, who desperately wanted to eliminate outside and it became unsafe for him to do so when he got older and the coyote population exploded. I also turned a number of friends on to it and it solved their litter training issues. This will fix your problem IMMEDIATELY.