My cat likes to tip over the water dish. Doesn't even drink much at all. What is going on with that?



Cats get bored. And can have OCD. And am convinced they have a sense of humor that dogs lack. My cat won’t drink water from a bowl. She wants to drink from a glass. And sometimes sits in front of it meowing for an ice-cube. No lie.


She might just like doing that like some cats like scratching things or she is telling you she is done with her water in a very dramatic way.


I've had cats that would do that or play in the water and spill half of it on the floor. What we did was get a large heavy ceramic dog water dish and put it on a towel. NO way can any of the cats tip that bowl over.


Maybe it sees a stray hair that's settled on top of the water. Them flipping it is their way of disturbing it to access the cleaner water that's underneath.


Try using a source of running water - many cats prefer it.


To cats, everything is a toy. The water bowl is fun to flip. Get a larger, heavier one made of ceramic or glass. The also make weighted stainless steel ones, in the dog section of any pet store. And as you noted, cats don't drink much which is why they should be fed wet cat food and not dry. Read about that here, it was written by a vet who has actually researched feline nutrition: And if you do feed dry pay special attention to the section titled "but my cat does just fine on dry food". We solved the 'water bowl as toy' thing by getting a fountain - keeps the water fresh, and encourages cats to drink more.


I've owned three cats in my life (two are still with me) and I've noticed they are very picky when it comes to water. Sometimes I have to give them fresh water multiple times a day, instead of the normal one time. They just like fresh water, but hey, can you blame them? :)


I'm bored.... hey look, running water! lol o lol........later Doesn't everyone's cat do this when they don't use anti tip weighted dishes?


My cat would remove used tissues from the garbage and place them in his water dish. Used Q-Tips too.


My older cat loves to play with her water bowl, it annoys the other cats cause she ends up spilling it everywhere. I ended up getting a fountain for her and the boys. The water fountain is a pain because you have to change the filters and keep it really clean but it works even though she still plays with the water but at least it can't be spilled.


It is just playing.


It wants to live outside.