Why do some very young children choke their cats?

I know a few children that actually choke their cats Not to the point of death.


Because they have idiots for parents.


Because the children have parents who aren't attentive and teaching their kids the difference between right and wrong. These kids also show signs of severe mental health issues. No mentally healthy child willingly hurts an animal like that.


Why? Because they don't have a good parent that is supervising them around animals and teaching them how to pet and hold a LIVE animal. The young child is used to carrying around a stuffed toy by the neck and doesn't know that you cannot do the same with a live animal. My son was taught from the time he was crawling how to interact with cats and kittens and he NE ER picked up an animal the wrong way or held it by the neck.


Because a young child does not understand that by doing that they are hurting the cat, parents should teach their child that you never pick up a cat, and that they just stroke it gently, i would not have any animal with a small child in the house.


Because young children don't actually realise what they are doing and the ramifications when they choke their cats.


young children do not understand the consequences of their actions and must be taught


This a parenting issue. The parents need to teach their children from toddler on that animals are NOT toys. They need to be supervised at all times when around animals. All times, period. This is why BTW that so many young children get bitten or mauled by dogs - lack of supervision and allowing children to behave badly around them. Too many "cute" videos and pictures posted with a child climbing/sitting on/hugging a dog and the dog has a look of horror on its face! And then when the cat or dog has had enough of the ill-trained child, the parents send it off to the shelter, or toss it outside. Children can - and should - be taught that animals are not toys.


if they weren't punished by their parents they may turn into serial killers


Because these kids haven't been taught that live animals are not toys. And they need to be.... ASAP before they kill their cat, and maybe turn into serial killers (no kiddin'). This is why I never sold one of our puppies to parents with kids of under 5 ........ Kids can be very cruel, sometimes intentionally.


Cuz they need to externalize their cruel/sadistic instinct.


Because they are preparing for all the rough sex they're going to have amirite