Why is my cat so mean?

i have a little back kitten (she’s about 5 months old) and i’ve had her since she was about 9 weeks old. she used to be so sweet but lately all she does is bite,scratch and attack me!! she been doing this for the past 2 months. when she was younger she would play but she plays SO rough!! i have scratches all over my hands and arms. she’s so mean! i will be petting her and she will randomly bite me! she also gets on the counters and fridge! she is always knocking things over and attacking everyone. how can i stop this??

The Master

She's not mean She's just growing up and learning new things. She just happens to be testing these new skills and things on you and people around you. She should grow out of it.


She isn't mean, she is a teenaged kitten who needs more to do. Start with claw trimming. And when she scratches and bites, HISSSS at her and put her down. Ignore her. That is what her littermates would have done, and the reason why kittens should stay with their mom and littermates until 10-12 weeks old. Do you use your hands to play with her? Stop. That encourages biting and scratching. Get her a sturdy piece of cat furniture with three or more levels, and at least one sisal wrapped post. It is an investment, as she will scratch that rather than your furniture. Play with her daily - with a wand toy. Get her leaping and pouncing, and really tire her out (and put it away when not in use). Be sure she has toys - little fur mice, lattice plastic balls with bells in them, mylar (crinkle) balls and the like. Don't get the expensive stuff, and cats much prefer the small and basic toys. She wants to climb, and without a cat tree she will use your counter tops. Take breakable things off, and put the things she is pushing off away for now. These are all the signs of a bored kitten. Has she been spayed? That needs to be done soon, very soon, as she will be in heat soon and then you will have a howling bored kitten. And as an aside - did you have her declawed? Many, many declawed cats will bite, it's a side effect the vets don't bother mentioning. Not all declawed cats bite, but about 1/3 do. If you did not declaw her I apologize, but if you did you created the biting problem. But do get her a tree, and proper toys, and get a wand toy. That will improve the bad behavior.


she acts like she was taken away from mum too early, when this happens the kitten has missed out on socialising and discipline. theres a product for cats like this. it is a plug in device and emits good pheromones or something and it puts the cat in a good mood.this may help. u could also see a vet for advice.


You need to learn cat language. When she bites or scratches you when you are petting, look for signs. Do you get a mean look or does her tail start wagging? If so, stop and leave her alone. Do you go to her when you want or does she come to you? If you go to her, leave her alone and let her come to you when she wants a stroke or cuddle. Don't play with her using your hands. Use a want toy to keep her at a distance.


It's not mean, the cat doesn't understand what she is doing. She can't possibly know that tiny little her can hurt great big you. Anyway, she has an urge to hunt. Give her toys to stalk and attack. And get her spayed.