Whats the best way to get over your dog passing away? :(?



"Time" is the best healer, but everyone reacts different to loss of a beloved dog. For some its getting another dog very quickly, and for others that is not viable for quite a long time. Its been a year since my lovely GSD had to be pts because cancer got him, and I still well up inside when I think about him, but I got another pup just a week after his demise, and it helped a lot. There IS no quick way of getting over the grieving process. You just have to let it take its course. One day you will suddenly realise that you have not thought about your dog for half a day, and then a full day and then you know your hurt is healing. Keep busy and remember all the good times you and your dog had together. Every one who is a dog owner and who loves their dog has to go through the sadness of losing them one day as unfortunately dogs have a very short lifespan compared to us humans. Also losing your first dog to old age is usually the worse, and losing one to an illness, before its time is also very upsetting.

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Everyone deals with this differently For me, I got a puppy very quickly. This was the right thing for me as I am unmarried with no kids and when my last dog passed she was my only pet at the time. For the first time in 25 years of adult life, I was petless. It felt very weird and I needed to bring a new companion into my life right away. I do not see this as a betrayal of my relationship with my last dog, but an honoring of her memory. She helped my heart to grow big and cushy with a big dog shaped spot in the middle of it. I did and still do grieve her and all the other many pets I have had, and actually “feel” that she led me to the new puppy that I adopted who, with her younger “sister” is now my beloved companion.


Buy a new puppy

Whale Of A Snail: I'm so sorry for your loss.

I'm so sorry for your loss. :( My dog Scruffy passed away in August and it was so hard. It still is, but as time goes on it hurts a little less, because you remember all the good times you had and can look back knowing your dog had a good life with you. Usually toward the end of a dogs life they aren't feeling so good anymore and the end can be the best thing for them so they aren't in pain anymore. It helps knowing that your dog is free from whatever caused them to pass away. Its ok to be sad for as long as you need to, maybe frame a favorite picture of your dog to remember them by. It helped me to leave his things and toys out for a week or so after- I didn't want to just erase all traces of him right away, I just gradually put a few things away every few days so it didn't feel so sudden. Another thing that helped was that I actually had him cremated- it sounds morbid, but for me it feels better to know his remains are dry and safe from insects. But burying is nice too with all the grass and the trees around. But honestly the biggest help in not feeling so horrible was finding another dog. Having a new puppy to focus on and take care of really makes you feel more optimistic. I like to think they would have been dog friends if they'd met, lol. And dogs are so kind, you know your old dog would be happy for you to find a way to ease your sadness- you shouldn't feel guilty getting another dog. Obviously your dog loved you and would want you to be happy. Just do what feel best for yourself though, mourn your dog at your own pace and don't let anyone make you feel weird about it. You don't have to rush or anything, take it easy and remember your pup is cared for and in a good place. :)


Rescue a living dog. Dufus was 10 months old in the Pound Surly was 3 months old, in the pound, knew that people lie. When she was her new home, she became Pepper-Anne (breakin' every rule? ... marching in her own parade.) Wife started working a a breeder, brought home Sandy (over breeding age) Cory (oversized Toy Fox Terrier) Violet (runt Jack Russell Terrier.) The PACK. One by one the died, last being the oldest, Sandy. Week later I had Jack and Elwood 6 years old, owners didn't want them any more. Great memories.


Just know he/she lived a good life from your care. Know that other dogs could use your help. I'm sure you'll get over it once you realize this.. maybe not completely though


Aww, sweetie, I’m so sorry... tbh i have never actually has a pet die on me yet. But I’m preparing for my dog, he is 13 and not doing to well. What I would do it take a day or two of and sulk and cry (because there is no denial that’s not gonna happen) and then I would start to regather myself. I would think there doing better and one day I will get to see them again. But also to start putting things away. Just take care of your self. Edventully this feeling will pass as it’s human nature but then I would get a new dog, NOT to replace my dog, but as a new pal!


Get a new dog.


Keep busy.


get a new one


read scripture