What's the dosage for Babesia treatment in a dog if using clindamycin?


Nekkid Truth!

The dosage your vet prescribed.. Tho as others indicated.. Clindamycin is an antibiotic... It treats bacterial infections, not parasites.


Babesia is a parasite and won't respond to antibiotics alone, so a vet prescribing clindamycin which is used in the treatment of bacterial or other infections caused by microorganisms. The drug is mainly used to treat oral infections, dental diseases, abscesses, deep wounds, and bone infections.... so no vet would treat with that or just that as it would not be affective

E. H. Amos

Treatment for Babesiosis (Babesia canis) involves parasiticidal drugs and supportive medical management, NOT antibiotics.


That is a good question for your Vet. I did google your question & come up with the information you are looking for. either google your question or take it to your Vet. No Vets on this site to advise you. There is nothing you can't find online.