70 gallon freshwater fish tank stocking ideas ?

70 gallon stocking ideas for freshwater ? I recently got a hand me down 70 gallon fish tanks i want to stock. this is one of the largest tanks i’ve gotten, I currently only have 2 ten gallons 2 five gallons and 1 three and a half gallon tank. i’ve been more into smaller tanks because i’m into bettas and as you may know they can’t go together. The 70 gallon came with a canisterr filter and i would like to stock it with a lot of different fish. Community tank :) I’m open to nearly anything though! suggestions please <3. (i’m also aware how to setup the tank; live plants, introducing fish, etc. no need to worry ! i just need to know the type of fish)


I have standard answers; Pick a feature fish, then make all other choices based on its requirements. Always imagine the tank is smaller than it is, rather than trying to fit too large a fish in the tank; this way you can have many more fish in the tank.