Can I place 4 small khuli loaches in a beta fish tank while they get big enough for my 29 gallon? because my gold fish are scarying them?



kuhli loaches are tropical fish and should not be in a tank with goldfish. Kuhli loaches will never be large enough to not look like food to goldfish. It is likely that the goldfish will eat them sooner or later if you do not remove them. Kuhli loaches should have a 10 gallon MINIMUM heated filtered tank. If your beta tank is 10 gallons filtered and heated, then they can live their entire life with the beta. Sand is the bast option for substrate, the will dig in any gravel you have, and they will be scraping themselves up on the common gravel, even the natural smoother type gravel is not ideal. But it would be much better.



Dr. Royce

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