Do you think PETA is stupid?

I saw these retards protesting outside an aquarium.

Concerned Dad

Yes, and the truth is that most of them treat animals unethically given that most of their members / supporters are homosexuals who have sex with goats.


Yes and so are most vegans


Very stupid.


Yes. Very.


Not only a PETA stupid,but they're harmful to animals. PETA has even been convicted of paying actors to abuse animals while filming it to make the fur,farm,pet & or meat industry appear more cruel & abusive than it is in reality


Yes very stupid and they should shove it were the sun don't shine😂


What exactly were the protesting about? Their are probobly thousands of things I have wanted to protest about in aquarium petstores. "tatooed and died fish, selling tanks that are too small to house fish, selling species of fish that get too large for 99% of peoples tanks, giving false info about fish, keeping betas in vases... And Large aquariums/ Camdon / Baltimore, probably have somthing going on that is inhumane, and if you know that animals are being mistreated, why would you keep it a secret? It is not stupid to want to do somthing about it. It is stupid to let it go on unchecked.


no they care about animals who are often abused by people. what do u care about? Yourself.