Fish in voss bottle?

I have recently purchased one of those big voss water bottles, I finished the water and kept the glass only because i like the bottle a lot. I travel for work and really want a pet but can’t have one. so my question is, am I able to put one fish in my voss bottle? I won’t be shaken or jumbled around and heard that as long as you change the water once a week you don’t need a filter. While traveling I stay in an RV so the bottle would be perfect and be able to be kept there safely.


nope, you need a heater and filter, and at least 5 gallons.


The largest glass Voss bottle is, I believe, 800 mL. That would be far too small to keep any fish in humanely. Additionally, the less volume of water to dilute waste, the more important good filtration is. A fish would not live long at all in such an environment.


how big is the opening the. bottle


Well, if you say it is a big bottle it must be ok.