Help! Put fish in and they all died within 30mins.?

Okay I bought a new fish tank kit filled with water and put in tetra safe start and waited about 2 hours and sat fish bags in water so temp wouldn't shock them for about 30mins. I put fish in and all died within 30mins. I maybe put them in to soon. I have noticed there is an white bubbly substance forming now. Could I have put to much sage start in? I have a air pump and filter so they can be needing for oxygen. Help please


Did you dechlorinate the water with a water conditioner before adding fish?


It takes 4-8 weeks to cycle a tank. Any fish added to a tank that is not cycle will suffer, and many will die. You MUST carefully acclimate all fish to your tank water. sudden changes in ph cause ph shock and kill fish. Floating the fish is not acclimating fish! Safe start should be pulled from the shelves and buried in a pile whith those ET games. You should throw it out, And do a propper tank cycle , you can add a dechlorinator and a stress coat product, I recomend Seachums Prime and Seaches Paragurd,but avoud all other chemicals!


You need to use antichlorine drops. You also need to let your tank age for at least one month. The pH is probably too high, and there are not proper bacteria set up. You cannot just put fish in the tank. An aquarium is a balance between different organisms you cannot see. These organisms make the water good for the fish. Fish do not live in totally clear water out of the faucet. Allow your tank to age. You also need a heater and must be sure the temperature is appropriate. The white at the top may be from the gravel. If you did not rinse it quite enough, there may be some dust left and it is going to the top. It looks as though everything in the tank is either natural or made for a fish tank. But, if you placed any items inside the tank that were not made specifically for aquariums, they can contain chemicals that can harm fish.


"did the Tetra safestart which says you can add fish right away" They lie.