Is my 55 gallon tank over stocked?

I have a 55 gallon community tank with the following: • 4 Cory cats (2 albino and 2 peppered) • 3 neon orange skirt tetras • 2 guppies • 3 mollies • 11 platies • 1 swordtail Is this too over stocked? Can I add more fish I wanted to?


you are not overstocked. But you are poorly stocked you need to get more tetras, as their are schooling fish, the bare minimum school is 6 You need to get more of both types of cory. you need a minimum shoal of 5 per species. Your tank is likely to quickly become very overstocked thanks to all those live bearers. I would suggest rehome either all the males or all the females. you fish will be happie and less stress without the constant stresses of breeding.

Judy and the Beast

You are not overstocked but you have a lot of live bearers. Once those begin to breed your tank will fill up.


No, the tank is not overstocked. and Yes! You can get more fish. But may i suggest getting a few more tetras and guppies as they are happier with more of their kind. Remember! Don’t get too many fish, as they’ll get stressed out and unhappy as well as giving them less room to swim and be themselves. Less is more in the fish keeping industry