Why won't my Betta Fish move?

I got a Betta Fish yesterday, but he or she stays to one side of the tank. Is it something I should be worried about? Because the Betta just stays in one spot, sometimes not moving, other times moving some. We moved it into a bigger tank and it's moving alot more than it was, but it's still favoring one side and not moving sometimes.. it's almost like it's staring at it's reflection. Should I be worried?


That fish as lived in an unfliltered, unheated tiny container , probably since birth. It NEDS, at east 5 gallons, a cycled filter, a tempurature of 78-82. A varied diet including froven bloodworms, brine shrimp, daphnia... It will take him some time to get use to the changes, and he will be healthier with the changes, but it can be a hard transition. Some fish handle it better then others. It would be a good idea to keep the tank lights of, to keep noise and activity near the tank to a minimum. Dont feed if he isnt eating, try again in 2-3 days with either you can try feeding him the junk food that they were feeding him at the store, and ween him to better stuff. and or try tempting foods like frozen blood worms, and New life spectra Thera+A , or new life spectra betta pellets.


It's scared Give it time.