Can i keep my horse at a yard?

Is it possible that i can keep my horse at a yard and get one of those automatic feeders so i dont have to feed it in the morning because i have school if not is their another way


Feed your horse BEFORE you go to school. Automatic feeders have problems and the horse could end up with no food some days. If you cannot properly care for your horse, re-home it.


Skip school take care of the horse.


If you put an automatic feeder in the horse's stall, he will break it. All the grain will come out at once. He will eat all of it at once, gorging himself. He will probably then colic, necessitating a vet visit, lots of bills, meds, and so on, and he may die. He will probably, a few days later, get laminitis, necessitating more vet visits, bills, etc. He may then founder, where his coffin bones rotate inside the hoof capsules. This can be bad enough to lame him for life or even kill him. So, no automatic feeders. You can keep your horse at a yard if the yard takes responsibility for his feedings.


For some reason, I think you're using British English, where "yard" means what an American might call a "stable", or "farm", and an Australian might call an "agistment". Most such facilities would have a staff to handle feedings, and monitor health and well-being for their customers' horses. Don't count on automation to do a human's job. Your horse will suffer for it.


I do not think that is a good way, you can ask some one feed them 3 times in a day, maybe your neighbors, you can give them some money as salary


get up earlier. animals enjoy being social with people.


the place where the horse is to be kept has to be zoned for it by the City