Hey i have a horse question i just bought a lemieux saddle pad it is a jumping saddle pad is lemieux a good brand or am i way over my head?


Judy and the Beast

It looks like a pretty standard cotton pad to me that has fancy trimmings. For a pad that functions better than a pad which is basically a piece of a quilt, look to an equipedic, skito, supracor or something with high end materials for the pad itself. Remember the pad is not just about style but function. It depends if you need this pad to show or to do daily work and schooling. You will want separate pads for those functions to keep your show pads pristine. Many horses appreciate a nicer pad than the one you mention. https://www.ridingwarehouse.com/Endurance_Saddle_Pads/catpage-USATPADS.html


If it fits your horse and it fits you well and you can afford it why not? I have used cheep pretty crappy saddles on some of my horses but I have excellent pads under to make sure there’s no rubs or irritation. I also make sure the saddles fit properlysnd there’s enough clearance. It does not matter how well made or how expensive a saddle is if it sores your horse. It also makes no sense riding on an improperly fitting saddle and risking breaking your neck. I’ve had excellent luck with some off brands that have good solid material but lacked in the human padding. though the saddle was so7nd and fit the horse well and fit me, it was very uncomfortable. I’ve tried more expensive saddles and they felt great, were well padded and fit the horse well, but for whatever reason rubbed me or scored me and were not worth the money for what they did however a $150 off brand synthetic did. Since the adjustable synthetics came out I’ve pretty much switched over to them. I need less saddles and they can adjust as the horse gains or looses weight, depending on their condition when they came in.