How many horses did you go through till you found the right one?

I'm so over it! I feel like a lot of people selling on horses aren't genuine and it can be so dangerous. It's just so upsetting..

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Every single horse and pony I have owned, have "been the right one". Back in the old days, we just made the most of whatever horse we had. You just need to be realistic in what you are looking for. There is no perfect horse...especially if you are on a tight budget. As long as it has the basic elements you are looking for are there...such as size, good disposition, good health, safe etc. It will be up to you to develop a good partnership. Yes, you will have to be careful when trying horses out. Always have the owner ride the horse matter what. If someone shows you a horse and does not have a rider to get on the horse before you get on...pass. People will tell alot of tall tales when trying to sell a horse. Just be patient, and keep trying out horses. You will know when you have something close to what you have in mind. Then it will be up to you to develop it , once you get it home. Also, when you find something that might be close to what you are looking for.... make sure you go see it and try it 2 or 3 times before making any kind of commitment. Go at different times of the day so you can see how it behaves in the field with other horses, how it acts during feed time, how it acts when being tacked up etc. Also, part of your budget should include a pre purchase exam of some sort by YOUR vet or a vet of your choice...not theirs. Best of luck!


With an attitude like the one you display here, you will never 'find" the right horse.


Well I have been so lucky that all 3 of my horses were great, raised them all from foals, but I have been with a couple of friends to go horse shopping and I mean to tell you some of sellers said the horses were very broke, trained well, take their leads, down the road safe, blah,blah, blah, but not long after they got on the animal it went bucking across the ring like coming out of chute #4 at a rodeo! They did have several horses and maybe one worked okay for them. Be patient, take your time, go see the horse at different times, try it out several times, the seller shouldn't mind but don't over do it, they get tired of showing the animal so much. Good Luck!

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You have to be flexible and go where both you and the horse has talent and enthusiasm. Most of the time, you get it right the first time if you chose well and have input from your trusted experts. However, sometimes a horse develops an issue (like a certain type of injury) you did not predict and you have to start the search again. You have to learn to be happy and find joy in what you have and not focus on what you or your horse does not have. When you do that, it s all right.


Honestly, to me it is what you make of your horse and the time and effort you put into it.


The horse of my life... we didn't do well for a long time (years, actually). Then we found the sport we were made for - eventing. OMG, what a difference in his attitude and mine. "The right one" is usually developed, not found. eta: BTW, he was my 10th horse, starting when I was 9 or so. I've had three more since. I loved them all, but he was THE horse.

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3, and it was worth the search.


well, yeah. Why keep a problem? I had probably 10-15 horses before I found my mare when I was 36. She was simply awesome. Lost her to bastard strangles at 5 1/2. I bought her at 5 months. I lost her in 2001 and i'm still not over it. I gave up on horses. That really sunk the ship.


Trying out horses can be tiresome they're is no exact number you just have to keep at it


it is not dating. more likely the poor animal did not find the right owner than the reverse.


5 I think


Still haven’t found mine