How to inquire about a horse boarding facility?

I’m currently looking for a new place to board my horse but I don’t know how to formulate the email where I inquire about facilities. I have several in mind but I don’t know how to respectfully ask about the price/ask for a tour. It may sound silly but this is my first time asking about a boarding facility (I kept my horse at its original facility when I bought him). Thanks!


"I’m currently looking for a new place to board my horse, and saw your listing online. When's a good time to tour your facility? What's the cost?" Short, sweet, easy to answer, no problems.


Hi I'm calling about your boarding facilities. What do you charge a month for (whatever you are looking for. Full care part care renting a stall) When is a good time for me to come out? Why is that so hard?


What's wrong with phoning them to make an appointment to view the place? Viewing is particularly important if the place is inexpensive, because you'll need to discover how they manage to have low prices. Do they ignore the horses? Will you need to visit twice a day to see that nothing's gone wrong? Are their fences all broken?

Karen L

'Could you please let me know what the rates are for your services, and when it would be possible to come and see your facility?' I don't know how respectfully comes into it, unless you plan to swear at the people you are asking. People who sell services and goods are perfectly happy to be asked about what they provide and what it costs. After all, if no one ever asked, they wouldn't be in business long.