I feel guilty for riding a horse I lease?

I know he gets ridden a lot. I was going to go ride him then found out I had to be done with him a certain time because someone else was going to come ride him right after. I feel like I’m contributing to him being worked too much and I don’t know what to do. I love him so much though.


How many people are leasing this horse? There shouldn't be more than 2 and you should have alternate days (3 days each with 1 rest day). If they're also using him for lessons, you're being ripped off.

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I'd find a different horse to "lease". You'll love the next one too. This is not a lease horse but a rental hack. Rip off.

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lol the next rider will just think he's lazy. maybe you need to schedule your rides better while recogniing that your running a business and businesses require personal sacrifices.


It depends on his health is he eexcellently fit or does his health seem to be deteraiting from over work?


Ask the horse. Our go on strike if they feel overworked or don't like the working conditions. You should be able to detect whether he's saying, "Oh no. Not AGAIN!"


What is your "lease agreement?" Sounds more like a time-share to me...but this is a horse. I have leased out horses before on a part-time basis, where I rode the horse on certain days, and the part-time leasee rode on other days. My horse got plenty of time off to just "be a horse" with his friends. I would be concerned about this horse, also. He may be over-used.

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He shouldn't be getting worked hard more than once a day or moderately more than twice. You might ask his vet what they think.