What else can I do to find my stolen horse!!!!??

My horse was stolen I’ve posted his pictures on all the horse groups I could find on Facebook I requested to have him featured in the local papers I also search all the local feilds for him I called all the equestrian centres within 12 miles I reported him on a website called critter alert and and dog lost I don’t know what else I can do I don’t want to give up but it’s been 2 weeks nobody has come forward with any information he’s had over 200 shares on his picture in a Facebook group called Hertfordshire horses and pony’s and nobody has come forward with any information I’ve even offered a reward for his return is there anything else I can do

Judy and the Beast

Contact the police Contact local horse service providers Go door to door at other places with horses and share your flyer/contact info in case your horse shows up there Go to equine events and talk to people who do a lot of horse buying/selling to see if they recognize him


File it with net.posse the largest web page for lost/stolen horses. You should also contact auction houses within 500 miles of you. Google to find them.

Emily J

Call the police and maybe your local animal welfare group, like the ASPCA or Humane Society, they might have resources you don't. I am very sorry that this happened.


Call the police. You should have done this the moment you noticed he was stolen. Have you gone to any horse auctions? What about slaughterhouse auctions? Most stolen horses are sold for slaughter, so there is a very good chance that your hose is no longer with the original thief.


Have you filed a police report? If not, do so immediately. You could also call all the local sheriff/police/etc. to see if someone has reported a straying horse - that's how I found mine when hunters left a gate open in the back of the far field a couple years ago. I would also call local stock auction yards, especially if the horse is easily identifiable or chipped or branded. You could even call local horse clubs, like Pony Clubs, 4H, local hunts, and the like. They have many members who care enough about horses to be very helpful. Tell all the horse professionals you know - farriers, vets, instructors, chiros, etc. And definitely don't forget less high tech methods - post his picture and a blurb about him on bulletin boards at local tack stores, boarding stables, veterinarians, feed stores, Tractor Supplys, even grocery stores. These still get a lot of looks, and that's what you need! Put an ad in the local newspapers, too. Best of Luck.


If you're in the UK, then you should ring up your local police headquarters and file a report as soon as you can. Other than that, most of the people on here have already made good suggestions for you. I'm sorry this happened to you.


So sorry this happened to you! Post on FB groups for neighboring states. Attend all the auctions you can. Email or fax a flyer to all the equine vets within a reasonable radius. File a police report so that you have official documentation that the horse was STOLEN (not sold, gifted or relinquished to a rescue). I hope your horse has a microchip. While horses are generally not scanned at auctions, a microchip can be very helpful if the horse is located and there is an ownership dispute.


Sorry. And good luck. This won’t help you but might help others. Freeze brands help because to many people a brown horse looks like any other brown horse. But the brands is easy to spot. It helps prove the horse is your as well. Chipping also helps in recovery because it is completely unique but brands are not


You should file a police report. Also - talk to lots of people … there is someone who will know.


Try ur nearest findus factory


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