What jobs do you get to ride horses?


Cowboy Jacob

Cowboy, mounted police, boarder patrol, trainer, guide at a ranch or riding stable.

Kat Heart

Pen riders spend the majority of the day on horseback (6-10 hours), but you have to know cows and provide your own horses (preferably horses with cow sense). Pay is kinda okay depending on where you work, but you have to like cows as much as you like horses, and you need to know a decent amount about cow health and behavior for the job. But the company will usually pay for horse care. Some ranches do work off horses, but then you would have to do the farmhand job too and there probably won't be a ton of ridding during hay season and pay usually isn't great. And ranching and pen riding employers want someone with a western style background with livestock experience. Wrangler jobs work on dude ranches and take guests on rides and teach them to ride safely on trails, but its a seasonal job that usually starts in May and ends in Sept. But it can be kind of stressful to make sure that everyone is safe. The money is normally good and you live and eat for free during the season, but it is a seasonal job. If you want English or hunter jumper, then you can get jobs as a trainer or warming up horses, but you might have to get a lower entry level job and work your way up to ridding. You can make a living doing that but it's not great. Barn managers do okay for money (depending on your barn), but a lot of the job is managing and barn chores, and not just riding (and at some barns the manager doesn't ride, they just boss around the people that do.) If you like fast and high energy then you could jocky or a practice jocky (if you are under 150 and fit). But that can be hard to make a living in.


You become a groom for an English barn. That's mucking, feeding, brushing, tacking up, and possibly warming the horses up. But from what I can tell, you don't want to CARE for a horse, you want to RIDE a horse. So groom is not a good option. You could be a trainer that works 5-7 hrs a day and that's just riding...


mucking out at a local racing stables or local gyhkana stables - other then that, then save up to join local riding stable!

Jake No Chat

Pony Express, Uniformed park Security Forces, Jockey, Rodeo Cow-folkes, Equestrians, and those making the last round-up.

Your Uncle Dodge!

Obviously, ranching is a great profession for horse riding. Some Forest Service, police and travel guide jobs would use this skill.


u can ride the leader horse, u can take the lead while other people riding horses follow u.


RCMP in Canada

Islam Forbids

Border patrol.




Trainer Riding instructor


Most jobs don't require transportation. You kinda park your horse in the lot with the other forms of lazy work access. If you want a job that keeps the horse working, or where you get to drive your car all the time, try delivery. Unless your area has so much traffic it's plain dangerous to take an animal around. Just like with your 'car' you really only ride animals to and fro the 'job'. And just like with that car you are going to spend all your money on that horse. You have to. To please others you constantly destroy the food that animal needs to live.