Why did my sister never grieved her horse loss ?

My sister is 22 yrs old and her horse passed away a week ago, and today she bought a new one, like isn t that to early ?, what do you guys think ? should I tell her that she could of Waited longer ?, she had her last horse for five years.


I suggest you MYOB, she’s 22 and an adult.

Karen L

Some people lose a wife or husband and remarry a year or two later. Some never find anyone else and never want to. Who are we to say one or the other is wrong? You shouldn't tell her anything. How she deals with stuff like that is her business, not yours.

The Witch-king of Angmar

I know someone whose dog died and they went out and got a puppy a couple weeks later. It doesn't mean they didn't love their old dog or they "replaced him"; he's still in their hearts, they just couldn't face an empty house.

Michael E

Should you tell her that she could have waited? Why tell her anything? What would you say that would help either her or the new horse?


No. There's no amount of time you have to wait. there's nothing wrong w/ what she's doing, she's just getting over it or coping with it by distracting herself


People grieve differently, so she might be grieving but not showing it x


Sounds like your sister is not an emotional cripple. Other than her, did any of your parents kids live?