Any Rabbit experts out there?

Hello. I am getting a bunny this saturday. But i was doing my research and it says the rabbits NEED to be spay/neutered or they will become aggresive. I can only go to the vet on Tuesday because thats when I don’t have work. Will my rabbit attack me when they aren’t spay/neutered?


Females are generally more aggressive than males, I have owned 4 male buns and none have been spayed and they aren't aggressive at all, I recommend regular handling and proper handling, research the best diet for bunnies and give them plenty of attention, they really are very social. Rabbits tend to prefer being in pairs, if that's the case they do need to be spayed, but that cannot be done until 6 months. They are a wonderful pet and enjoy being clean, keep an eye out for clear eyes and ears, normal poo and normal hydration, also make sure you get your bunny vaccinated. They are very curious and mischievous so make sure their area is very secure, they need plenty of space to run and enjoy life. Good luck, knowledge is key, do some reading, speak to your breeder and get a good vet.


No it will not attack you rabbits make fantastic pets i have 6 rabbits and they have never been horrible towards anyone or anything you'll be fine :D


Male rabbits <can> be aggressive, but they also can not. It depends on the breed and the individual rabbit. In spring time they do get more frisky, but it's not really a problem. If you intend to handle your rabbit regularly, or have it roam around, then get it neutered. Otherwise you can let it alone. If you have a female rabbit that is likely to come into contact with an unneutered male, get it spayed to avoid population growth in a few months time.


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Of course the rabbit will not attack you. I raised rabbits as a teen and none of them were spayed/neutered and none of them were aggressive.

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Looks like there are answers of all sorts-- and probably with good reason. It depends on what experiences people have had. The truth is that each individual rabbit, regardless of breed, can react differently with the onset of hormones. It is when a rabbit's hormones kick in (anywhere from around 3.5 months of age to 9 months of age) that their behavior can change. With some rabbits, the change is so slight it is barely noticeable. Others have a drastic change and they may growl, lunge, bite, and spray urine (yes, spray it on you!). So what to do? If you plan on getting a male, and you have no intention of ever getting a 2nd rabbit to go with him, then you could wait to see how he does. If he has no behavior issues then neutering isn't necessary. If you think you may get a 2nd rabbit down the road, then he'll need to be neutered. Rabbits must be fixed in order to bond. If you are plan on getting a female, it is best to get her spayed regardless. Intact females have a very high chance of getting reproductive cancer by age 5. (A healthy rabbit can live over 10 years.) The age of your rabbit matters too. Vets typically won't neuter males until the testicles have dropped (around 4-5 months of age). They typically wait until a female is 5-6 months of age. On another note, when you do get your rabbit Saturday, it is important to minimize the extreme stress it will have from being moved to a new home. This page explains how you can minimize the stress and what to do on the day you bring him (or her) home: (The rest of that website should help you prepare as well!)


You can adopt an already neutered rabbit from a shelter or rescue. You will be saving a rabbit and its much cheaper. To answer your question, not all intact male rabbits are aggressive and I don't believe females are. Males also only become aggressive once they hit puberty. If you get a baby rabbit you shouldn't have any issues. Also just gonna add that even though females are not aggressive (as far as I know) they still need to be spayed for health reasons. Intact females have a high chance of getting reproductive cancer.


You're right, there's lots of reasons to spay/neuter. Boys *and* girls can be mean because they're driven by their hormones! Both also can take to biting because they're territorial. I've experienced this and spaying her stopped it :) I don't think you need to worry about them seriously hurting you before then though. If they start lunging, keep your skin away from them. It should be easy to escape if they do bite. They also have crazy high rates of reproductive cancers, which fixing will prevent. It'll make them less destructive and allow them to be potty trained so they can be out more. You can keep a pair, rabbits love friends but most will fight unfixed. Sorry for changing the subject, but I'd check out Rabbits do better housed in doggie playpens, or x-pens, and allowed into a rabbit proofed room/s as much as possible than in a cage. I got mine for $35 on Amazon. The site was made by experts instead of corporations and has more details on enclosures, diet and behavior.


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