Are there “animal geniuses” like some humans are genius, is there like a bunny 10 times smarter than any other bunny just genetically?



The Easter Bunny knows how to dye eggs. I've had many a rabbit in my life but not a single one of them could dye an egg.


My cousin had a miniature rabbit with floppy ears. It would come to its name for anyone. I had a pet toady once that would paddle at the side of the pond. When i put my finger down it would hold on and i could lift it out while hung on tightly. I suspect it might have been blind in one eye because, one eye had a gold ring and the other was solid black. I could tell it from the rest of the toads that way though. It acted friendly when it was only half grown. When they are very young they are as big as a shirt button. that is all.


it all depends how you define "smart" for a rabbit smart might be avoiding areas of danger such as roads or locations of predators, while smart for a dog is learning tricks and associating human words to said tricks. Evolution and breeding of the strongest helps the population stay "smart"- but overall I do believe so .. I had a conversation with my veterinarian along the lines of "can animals have mental disabilities" and she said " I am sure that is a possibility they have a brain... and thus the possibility for something to go wrong" I bet it goes the other way around.. meaning they have a brain so I am sure there are cases where things go amazingly right and an animal can be "smarter " than others in its species - depending on how you define smart for said species :) hope this helps! Stay curious!!!!


The Easter Bunny knows how to dye eggs. I've had many a rabbit in my life but not a single one of them could dye an egg.


Cats are geniuses. And mice.


Probably. I've had a couple dogs throughout my life. One of them was pretty smart. He learned tricks quickly and obeyed commands well. Another dog I had was dumb as a brick. A sweet dog but he'd run into glass doors, wouldn't listen, and took forever to learn basic commands.


Maybe but how would you know it or test it?


Yes I've seen a few on YouTube a dog who organized everything by shape or cat who opens the freezer and hides the fish and eats it after its defrosted.


Cats are geniuses. And mice. 😺🐁 Gorillas too. They adopt cats. 🐒

Mr. Interesting

I think there are, at least in dogs and cats. I have seen a few that were incredible.


If the animal knows how to use a would be a genius.