Can a chiropractor align a animal in Washington State?

Can a chiropractor align with a pet in Washington State and how do I know if they are certified to work on animals? If they are not, can they still provide treatment legally? Thank you !!! Laura, thank you for your input. It's my friends old chiro. who aligned a patients goat at the patients home. I'm wondering if the chiro. needs credentials in order to do this. I can't find really anything online. J C, Thank you for your input. I found it really weird. I guess the patient had their goat aligned including its hip or leg or something and know it eats more, which was apparently the objective. Really weird. Just wanted to know if I should report the chiro. to the medical board or something. I mean how does he keep record of the goat treatment and what not. He boasted about it on Facebook and so did the patient. Still can't find anything online other then how to get animal certified.


Animal are not humans, and walk on all fours and not upright. Many human chiropractors will also do animals as a side, but can do more harm than good. For an animal you need one that is certified and accredited to work on animals. There are ones than specialize in horses, and others who see dogs and cats. Not sure if it's illegal for a human chiropractor to align animals, but I'd certainly not use one. Most large animal specialty or referral hospitals have a chiropractor (who is also often an orthopedic surgeon) on staff.


There are animal specific chiropractors. You see them for larger animals like horses, not small animals though. Talk with your vet about this, and see if they know of a specialist.