Can I bond with my rabbit without him being fixed?

He eats out if my hand when im outside his pen. He wants to get out of his pen but I’m too scared he’ll get aggrssive. Will I be okay to bond with him and let him out, despite him not being fixed?


Yeah he will be fine i myself have 6 rabbits and the 2 boys i have have not been done and they are super friendly

defend liberty

Depends on the rabbit as to whether or not his hormones will affect him to the point that he'll need to be fixed. Aggression does not come without warning. A rabbit doesn't just attack. His body posture would show he's scared. He may growl. He may lunge as a warning. If you understand a rabbit's body language, then you will know when to back off. Check here to learn about body language: To bond with him, sit *inside* the pen with him.