Can you have a pet racoon?

I was just wondering not going to get one as a pet.


Only if yougett a wildlife permit in your state. But I would not have one as they are wild and even if raised from a baby, the wild instincts WILL eventually kick in. Besides that - they are worse then a 2 yr old child as they can get into all your cabinets and make a mess of things.

Country GIRL

Depends on the state you live in if there is an ordiance on them , if you live in the city limits or out if you have space for any and may require a permit and proper housing to have such critters when I lived in colo has a pair for yrs however I also was out of town had 600 arcers and a river for the coons to wander about as they became bigger.


No !


Your need a Permit for one having a raccoon might not be good there wild animals they deserve to be free plus they kill dogs and cat there get in your trash can and your neighbors might not like it and feel like the raccoons dangerous m, not to mention if they have kids. You’re probably thinking you can tame a baby raccoon, but trust me it would be very hard and still get into stuff tell there properly trained. Get s bunny instead


I would not recommend it, it is a wild animal that belongs in nature. The behavior no matter how well trained can become unpredictable and destructive. If you are looking for a pet go to your local shelter and adopt an animal from there that needs a home.

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probably not, but it also probably depends on where you live

oikoσ: I had a friend who did. One warning

I had a friend who did. One warning: You have to be smarter than the raccoon.


I can't but you may be able to.


nnaybe not, it nnight depend on where you live


In some states, yes. You will need the proper permits for one though.

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Ocimom....has the right answer ..permits for native animals is most always needed... go to shelter / call shelters ask foster a ferret ...the domesticated ferret is much less wild / can be had same as a cat .... much the same gets into everything needs a cage for nite time if u plan to sleep.....I have known folks with both the raccoon did not work

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Yes. The next time you see one just go for it!!