Hi!! I just adopted two bunnies from the shelter. However, I’m new to them and I’m not sure what to do. One of them is possibly pregnant too?


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There is so much to learn! 😀 Proper diet, housing, bonding, litter training, pellet food types to avoid, health warning signs, free toys to make, exercise needs, etc. The following site will get you started: Http://rabbitsindoors.weebly.com Do you know if they were fixed? Rabbit rescues won't knowingly adopt out a pregnant rabbit. But generic shelters don't always neuter rabbits. Any idea on their ages?


Well, just give them what they need. Food, water, a hutch/cage and everything they may need. I am sure that shelters desex all their pets before they go up for sale. Are you sure the shelter said the rabbit is pregnant or are you just assuming? Hope this helped.


Yes, they multiply like rabbits.