How big should my rabbit cage be?

hi!! i’m setting up for my new rabbit, i just need to know how big my rabbit’s area should be. i designated a place in my walk in closet (it’s huge don’t worry). it is 63 inches by 37 inches (5ft”3 by 3ft”1) would this be big enough for my bunny?


Does your closet have a large window that opens with natural light? Adequate ventilation as well as exposure to sunlight is important. You can also expect rabbit fur and bits of hay to get all over your clothing. That size is fine as long as your rabbit has plenty of daily exercise time in a larger area and is not a "giant" breed.




Judging by your comments (door open, light gets in, rabbit will get time running around your room) that's perfectly fine.

Chickee that's Me

I agree with *****'s answer. Also make sure to keep that cage clean. Not only is it best for your rabbit but the odors can become embedded in your clothes and no one wants to smell like a rabbit cage.