Is my pet hedgehog dead or hibernating?

My pet hedgehog was just fine Friday acting normal. Gave him some food that night. Well Saturday morning he hadn’t touched it and looked like he was sleeping half in and half out of his bed like he’s done before. So I didn’t think anything of it. Well I was gone all day Saturday didn’t get home till around 9. And walked in to get him and he’s standing half in and half out of his bed like he was that morning and he literally looks like he’s frozen. He’s standing. With one foot out of his bed his quilts are out and he’s just standing there. He’s got some bedding on his nose. I’m afraid to grab him. It literally looks like he froze walking out of his bed. I can’t tell if he’s breathing. I keep looking and the lord I look the more upset I keep getting. I tapped on the thing he’s in to see if he’d move an he’s not.


RIP Hedgehog