Jumping Spider Care Help?

I just got a pet jumping spider (male phidippus audax) that I purchased online. Where can I purchase live insects for it to eat because I can't find any around my house and I don't want to go hunting for them in my yard. Do they eat meal worms? Is it okay for me to put big rock gravel you put in the bottom of a fish tank for the jumping spider tank instead of sand or dirt? Please provide a care sheet so I can care for it correctly! I'm sorry if this is too much but how do you give it exercise and what happens if you get bitten? Thank you so much for helping if possible! Any help would be highly appreciated! :) Also, one more thing: Can I make a burrow-like tent out of napkins for the jumping spider when it gets cold or it wants to hide somewhere? If it's too cold is it okay to put something that makes heat to warm it up? (When I bought the spider it was JUVENILE/HALF grown.) Thanks!


they are used to rocky ground, & not poisonous ...... How about pet shop crickets met for a lizard ??


I'm very sorry, I meant to click 4 stars instead of one! But thank you so much for answering!