My bunny always looks so bored but he chews everything when he's out of his cage.?

It's winter so we can't let him outside but he's in his cage (it's super big, it's a large dog cage with lots of bedding and toys) but he looks so bored all the time. Whenever I pass his cage he puts his paws up like he wants out and I do let him out a lot but he chews things like wires and such. What do I do?


You need to bunny proof an area where he can exercise. Remove cords and other tempting items from reach or cover them. You'll find lots of helpful tips here: Your rabbit should be spending 6-8 hours a day out of the cage.


Pick him up and nurse him. Put a soft towel on your lap put bunny on your lap and pet him while watching TV. All the rabbits I've had seemed to love it.


Of course he is bored. Any animal kept shut in a cage alone is bored. Make a place for him outside (with a shelter) and allow him to run around for a couple of hours during the daytime. Its a rabbit, and rabbits can stand a bit of cold you know. Wild rabbits graze outside even in snow and ice and live underground and their burrows do NOT have central heating.