Which animal should I get as a pet: A bunny or a cat?

I really want a pet that will be very cuddly and I can find comfort in. My family already has two dogs so I was hoping I could get either a cat or a bunny for myself, but which would be the best choice for stuff like comfort or just easy to take care of. Any help is appreciated!! (: Thank you and have a nice day~

Mrs. Frankenstein

Bunnies are not easy to take care of at all. They are actually a very intermediate pet that requires a lot of care and maintenance. You have to rabbit-proof your home, make sure the temps are just right, as they are very prone to upper respiratory infections, take them to the vet frequently to make sure their teeth are growing correctly/being filed down, etc. They can also be very tempermental; sweet one minute, then skittish and scratching you the next. A cat would be a much better choice. If you want a cuddly one, I'd say adopt at the shelter to find one to suit your needs. Many older cats need to be adopted and tend to be the most grateful and will spend a lot of time with you. They are also a hell of a lot easier to take care of than bunnies, are heartier animals, and an animal that you can definitely form a bond with.

Elaine M

Cats live 2 decades, a rabbit lives 15 years. How long are you going to be committed to a pet?

Nekkid Truth!

Neither Bunnies are more work than dogs actually... And many do not like to be held. Cats arent really all that cuddly except when THEY want it. Cats are unreliable for providing comfort.


Cat so much easier and more entertainment


A stuffed one No cat wil cuddle with you or be a toy No rabbit will cuddle with you or be a toy Since you want a toy then go buy a toy. You are clearly a child so you can NOT own, adopt or buy a pet and will never take care of it. You don't even take care of the fmaily pets


Bunnies have unpredictable temperaments and many don't like being g held. Cats are also not guaranteed to be cuddly but certain breeds esp payrolls and Persians are more like lap cats. Make rabbits I've had all loved to cuddle.