Which pet should I buy cat or rabbit rabbits are friendly or not?



Depends on what you can afford and how long you want the pet. Cats can live to mid teens or longer. Rabbits live maybe 7-10 yrs with good care.


You'll probably have more fun with a cat.



Nekkid Truth!

Rabbits are more work and more expensive. They need a diet that includes hay and fresh fruits and vegetables, not just dry pellets. Some rabbits enjoy the company of their humans, some do not. Many are happiest if kept as spayed/neutered pairs. Cats are less maintenance, but not all cats are really friendly either. Many cats only want attention on their terms.


This question highly depends on your lifestyle. Cats are less needy than dogs but they are not independent. They like to think they are but they are not. They need to be played with, fed, their litter cleaned every day, and they need attention. Rabbits can be very affectionate. I have met rabbits that have been more affectionate than my cats. They are a bit more high maintenance. Every day spot cleaning of their cage, weekly deep cleaning, affection, toys, feed, etc. I would adopt a cat before a rabbit but that is just because I have enjoyed cats more than rabbits. I have been a volunteer with animals for over 10 years and have owned cats for the last 6. Please please please do extensive research before getting an animal and please consider adoption.


cats are a lot more independent than rabbits and usually easier to care for


Rabbits are sort of like plants that can move. The eat, sleep and hop around a bit, but that's basically it. Cat's are generally a lot more energetic. But cats bite and claw when you make them mad, so there's that problem. Depends how much time you have to spend with your pet. Rabbits are pretty low maintenance.


I would say a cat.


Cats are a better easier pet. Basically you feed them and they are self sufficient. Rabbits need a lot of specifics, you cant just let them roam free, and if not neutered/ spayed they can be bitey at times. Ive had both, though i had a nice bunny i suggest adopting a kitten or cat that seems friendly.


A cat. Rabbits just aren't as people friendly as cats in general. You'll be much happier with a cat. And no matter how clean you keep a rabbit, they smell funny.