Why won t my rabbits get along?

I have 2 female rabbits one I have had for 1 1/2 years the other a couple days. The new one keeps pushing her face into the older one ( it looks like she s bitting her ) then they just run around in circles last night after they first meet we separated them. we also tried putting them into a new habitat but they still ran around in circles. What should I do?


Do you love everyone you meet? No? Neither do rabbits, and they can be even pickier about their friends than humans are. Additionally, intact adult rabbits generally cannot be successfully bonded. Are both rabbits spayed? If so, be sure it's at least a month after the procedure for both rabbits so they are fully healed and hormone levels have had time to decline, and gradually introduce on neutral territory. Short, frequent, very closely supervised sessions are best, with prompt intervention at any sign of aggression. If they are not spayed, it will need to be done prior to a successful introduction. Do always keep in mind that this may not be successful. Same-sex pairs can be challenging or impossible to successfully introduce, and in my experience two females are even more challenging than two males, when one or both are an adult. Opposite sex (spayed and neutered) partings are usually much more successful, though also not guaranteed to work out. https://rabbit.org/faq-bonding-multiple-rabbits/

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I'm affraid same sex rabbits are rarely able to live together. Rabbits both male and female are very hormonal which usually makes them very grumpy and aggressive not only to other rabbits but other animals in home and humans . Having them neutered does help but it is still very hard to keep same sex together. That is why it is advisable to keep a neutered male and a female together. Rabbits have seriously strong back legs so can cause major injury to each other very fast and even death. The running around in circles is a sign they are not happy together and will if not careful end in a fight. You need for their safe keep them apart. Far to often pets shop mislead, lie to people saying it is safe to keep same sex especially females together but its total untrue.


Let them run around in circles. If there are no injuries being caused let them get to know each other.