Are Germany’s judges as lenient as Britishj ones when dealing with violent criminals? A teenage migrant who stabbed a refugee aid worker to death with a kitchen knife could be eligible for compensation for time spent in prison after judges ruled he acted in self-defence. The knifeman, named only as 18-year-old Afghan migrant Seyed M. due to German privacy laws, was accused of manslaughter after 20-year-old Jose M. died in a park in Ochtrup, north-west Germany, last May in a row over a girl. Jose M. was knifed six times - including once in the heart - with the knife the defendant kept hidden in his clothing. Jose had confronted Seyed M. after the Afghan reportedly became obsessed with a female friend of the victim, and constantly stalked her despite her pleas to be left alone. The Afghan was already facing deportation proceedings when he bumped into Jose in the park while carrying a five-and-a-half inch kitchen knife.


Yes many Look the Other way when Muslims commit a crime

depends if you are an immigrant or a white person. white persons get hard time. immigrants get slapped on the bottom and told to get back out there and make them so more money


Yes, all of Europe is gone soft


I do not care. Germany has no logical or moral justification for continuing. It is inherently weak, inferior and unviable, hence its current predicament. The same applies to the native culture. The country has been nothing but a vile nuisance in recent history, causing wars, engaging in persecution campaigns, engaging in crimes against humanity and killing many, many people, including many racial Britons. It is also a prominent power in the European Union, which is a threatening, corrupt and genocidal entity. Aesthetically, Germanic people are in general, very average. Northern / Northwestern European variants greatly overshadow them. I do not see any valid reason for supporting their preservation.